COVID-19 : How to protect yourself !

As we are facing this pandemic disease COVID-19 which is spreading every hour. The world is coming together to fight this COVID — 19 pandemics where different Government sectors, NGOs, private organizations, and individuals, all are doing their bit to respond against this global outbreak. The situation in some countries is even worst and they are trying to recover from that while some countries are trying to reduce the rate at which COVID-19 can spread by taking different actions like social lockdown. But this is a disease which requires human efforts where we should stop ourselves from going out and to keep ourselves in isolation as this is the only way to stop spreading this disease.

Here are some measures which we can take to stay safe against COVID-19.

Wash your hands regularly.

It is very much required to wash our hands regularly using soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Avoid touching your face.

We should avoid touching our face especially the nose, eyes, and mouth because these are the ways from where the virus can go inside our body. It is a human tendency to touch the face after some times but we have to control this habit.

Social distancing.

We should maintain at least 1-meter distance from anyone near to us as we are not sure if anyone is infected or not because sometimes the symptoms take time to occur. If an infected person coughs or sneezes a small quantity of liquid droplet spray from their nose or mouth may contain the virus. And if we are close enough to that person then the virus can come inside our body by breathing those droplets.

Cover your mouth and nose.

We can avoid the COVID-19 infections by covering the nose and mouth through a mask or by using tissue paper or bent elbow during cough or sneeze. This blocks the infected liquid droplets from spreading and infecting other people.

These are some precautions that we can take to avoid the exposure to COVID-19.

One more important thing we need to keep in mind is to save water as we are washing our hands regularly. Just remember that please stop the tap when you are not using water during hand washing, so that we can avoid the unnecessary wastage of water.

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